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In September 2008, HKSARG and SMPG jointly announced the implementation of a new BCP at Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai in the north-eastern New Territories of Hong Kong and Luohu in Shenzhen to serve the cross-boundary goods vehicles and passengers travelling between Hong Kong (HK) and Shenzhen (SZ) East. The new BCP will connect with the Shenzhen Eastern Corridor and provide an efficient access across the boundary to the SZ East, Huizhou, various cities in Guangdong East, and the adjacent provinces such as Fujian and Jiangxi.

The Project aims to:

  • reduce travelling time between HK and SZ East, facilitate future development in these areas and extend the economic hinterland of HK and SZ;
  • re-distribute the cross-boundary traffic from SZ to New Territories East, resulting in enhancement of the overall operational efficiency, handling capacity and quality of service for the BCPs in HK and SZ; and
  • satisfy the urban layout design requirement in SZ East, in order to fulfill the SMPG's “East-in-east-out” traffic planning principle for the cross-boundary traffic.

The Jury will select a total of ten finalist entries for each Group in the first round of adjudication. The finalist entries will be exhibited in HK and SZ and uploaded to the competition website for collecting public opinion. The Jury will consider the public opinion when selecting the awarded entries in the second round of adjudication. The results of the competition will be publicly announced through the media and the competition website in August 2011.

The competition prizes and awards are as follows:

Professional Group

Winning Entries
- HK450,000 cash cheque for the 1st prize
- HK280,000 cash cheque for the 2nd prize
- HK160,000 cash cheque for the 3rd prize

3 Commendation Entries
- HK100,000 cash cheque each

4 Finalist Entries
- Certificate each

Open Group

Winning Entries
- HK50,000 cash cheque for the 1st prize
- HK30,000 cash cheque for the 2nd prize
- HK20,000 cash cheque for the 3rd prize

3 Commendation Entries
- HK10,000 cash cheque each

4 Finalist Entries
- Certificate each

Official website

Schedule21 December 2010
Registration opens

31 January 2011
Registration closes

16 February 2011
Deadline for submission of queries

21 February 2011
Deadline for answers to all queries

14 to 21 Mar 2011
Submission of Entries

May 2011
1st Round of Adjudication

June 2011
Exhibition of Finalist Entries & Public Opinion Survey

Mid-July 2011
2nd Round of Adjudication

Mid-August 2011
Announcement of Results

End August 2011
Prizes award ceremony

Sept to Oct 2011
Exhibition of awarded entries

Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building

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until 31/01/2011

Santiago Chile


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