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Venice CityVision is an ideas competition, which challenges architects, engineers, designers, students and creatives individuals to develop visionary urban proposals with the intention of stimulating and supporting the contemporary city, in this case Venice. Through innovative ideas and methodologies which can improve the connection between the historical, present, and future city. CITYVISION aims to foster a critical evolution of architectural historiography.

The Italian city manifests a consistent absence of Contemporary Urban Planning and relatively ineffective architectural intervention. The objective of the competition is to drive your imagination, by the use of new materials, eco- technologies, parametric software and territorial organizations for a future vision of the city of Venice.  Globalization, environmental concerns, the future historiography of the city, adaptability and emerging digital practices are some of the elements that should be taken into consideration.

Venice CityVision Competition focuses on the revealing of the urban context as a newly launched syntax of diverse terms. If one imagines the existing area as the creational canvas then on a mixture of Baroque and Renaissance fragments, one is invited to propose an original dialogue, an advanced element, as if inserting a new exhibit in an ever-existing museum.

Aiming to highlight the intense water border, that divides the vertical body of the city in two parts – above and underneath it -  the proposals given should reinterpret the symbiosis, the antithesis or even the collaboration of the three parts: the lower and upper urban segments, as well as the in-between limit.

If the particular case of the city of Venice would be translated verbally as a live microcosm in constant – yet discreet – change, then as focal point of the competition stands the element of a delicate motion. This specific urban example is appointed, one one hand, to represent a moving city – concerning the as-said phenomenon of sinking – but also a city in which the transportations are being executed in a special way.
Architects, engineers and all kind of creational artists are invited to participate in a competition that attempts to answer the following questions: How can a subtle city movement be expressed through a design proposal? And how one may develop his work according to a vertical or horizontal axe?

This is a digital competition and hard copy proposals will not be accepted. All entries are to be submitted via e-mail on and before the 6th June,  2011 (hours 22:00 Greenwich Time) to the following email address:

Venice CityVision Competition

inscription dates
until 06/06/2011



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