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Heritage in conflict

Heritage in conflict

Memory, history, architecture

Pilar García Cuetos and Claudio Varagnoli (Orgs.)

Aracne, Roma; 1. edition, 2015

edition: english
204 p
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-88-548-7782-5

Heritage in conflict

about the book

This book develops the analysis of the complex interaction between memory and architecture and their manipulation in different periods of history. Architecture necessarily integrates the visual and physical memory of wars, of the most complex and negative stages and of the regimes whose existence people would rather forget. Post-civil-war Spain and post-war Europe faced the presence of memory in ruins, monuments; milestones which perpetuated events with an emotional charge difficult to overlook, or which had been politically or ideologically manipulated. Post-war reconstruction and restoration were determined by these circumstances.

Autores: Esther Almarcha Núñez-Herrador Stefano D’Avino Ascensión Hernández Antonella Montanari Aldo Giorgio Pezzi María Pilar García Cuetos Francisco Erice Sebares Lucia Serafini Patrizia Luciana Tomassetti Andrea Ugolini Claudio Varagnolia

about the author

Pilar García Cuetos

Claudio Varagnoli

how to quote

GARCíA CUETOS, Pilar; VARAGNOLI, Claudio (Orgs.). Heritage in conflict. Memory, history, architecture. 1. edition, Roma, Aracne, 2015.


Heritage in conflict

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