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This year the Museum Night at ARCAM is all about Music, Space & Architecture with installations and performances


Since the first Museum Night in November 2000, Amsterdam museums stay open until 2AM for one night a year, and welcome thousands of new vistors. For a relatively small city, Amsterdam has a great amount of museums and cultural institutions. This year 45 museums collaborate during Museum Night, and they are all easy to reach by bicycle or public transport.


With among others Ricardo Huisman and his Super Sonic Sound Scape Shoes and Dirk van Lieshout and the floating 'Side Scan Sonar' with amazing sounds from the surroundings.

19 Doors open, music and cocktails from Blendz
20-21 Discussion about Music, Space & Architecture with Maarten Kloos
21-22 Silence has no boundaries Artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck about silence, space and her neighbours.
22-23 Tapdance performance Marije Nie performs with an intense symbiose of dance, space and music. She loves the experiment and uses the ARCAM building as inspiration.
23-00 Amsterdams sound quiz.
00-01 Buchner en d'Arles Raw elektro gives way to flowing beats that bring an architectural model to live. Visuals: Unknown-user.
01-02 DJ Colonel Va Bien

Museum Night 2010

in 06/11/2010

Amsterdam NL


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