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Red Light City

Red Light City

Tsaiher Cheng

The Architecture Observer, Montreal / Amsterdã; 1ª edição, 2016

edition: english
136 p
14,7 x 1,5 x 20,2 cm
300 g
ISBN 978-9492058058

Red Light City

about the book

What is the significance of sex work for the architecture of the city? With reports from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Taipei, this book makes clear that every red light district is the specific outcome of the morphology of the city, the legal status of sex work, cultural understandings, city planning, and market forces. It also shows that sex work has a deep impact on the city's urban form, its buildings, rooms, streets, squares, and alleys, even in places where sex work is officially illegal.

about the author

Tsaiher Cheng
Tsaiher Cheng nasceu em Taiwan, estudou nos Estados Unidos e na Holanda. Realizou seu mestrado em arquitetura no Berlage Institute. Atualmente é professora visitante no departamento de arquitetura da National Chengkung University, em Taiwan

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CHENG, Tsaiher. Red Light City. Montreal / Amsterdã, The Architecture Observer, 2016.


Red Light City

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