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projects ISSN 2595-4245


Esse projeto de habitação social na Espanha, foi projetado considerando principalmente a insolação. Veja mais sobre no artigo.

This social housing project in Spain, was projected mainly concerning the insolation. See more about in the article.

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PORTAL VITRUVIUS. Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Projetos, São Paulo, year 12, n. 140.04, Vitruvius, aug. 2012 <>.

Strange conditions

Our project in Santa Eugenia de Berga starts with a very simple question: how can we design a Social Housing project with a misguided solar orientation?

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Bailo Rull add+. Spain

The project is located on the edge in the city at the last block overlooking to the west planned green areas of the countryside.

The Master Plan defines a linear volume of 14m depth and 60m length. The two large main facades has a very different and unbalanced solar and views conditions.

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Bailo Rull add+. Spain

The street facade, facing West, is overlooking the green areas and landscape; The rear facade, facing east, is focused on a new building located on a slope, which prevents the sun from East reaches the facade.

The project plays with this contradictory condition of having on the West façade the worst solar orientation and the best views to the landscape.

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Bailo Rull add+. Spain

Ensuring that all the apartments have a direct relationship with the landscape facing west we propose a BRISSE-SOLEIL HANDRAIL. A piece which works as protector of the West sun and also defines a place where you can enjoy the countryside views.

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Bailo Rull add+. Spain

Jump to the garden

The BRISSE-SOLEIL HANDRAIL designed is made by pieces of 2 m wide, located in a balcony one step below the interior level pavement of the apartments. This piece helps to define a porch, protecting all façade windows from the vertical summer sun but allowing winter West sun gets inside the interior of every apartment. The porch provides to all the flats an outer space area where you can develop different activities.

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga. Bailo Rull add+. Spain

The BRISSE-SOLEIL HANDRAIL is made by aluminum perforated panels permeable to the landscape.

This BRISSE-SOLEIL HANDRAIL is placed literally attached to a compact volume of 18 apartments 70 square meters. The step between the terrace and the flats allows from the inside of the apartments to see the West landscape without visual obstruction.

Going down 30 centimeters jumping to the garden.


18 VPO en Santa Eugenia de Berga

Santa Eugenia de Berga, Spain.

2700 m2

Bailo Rull add+ 

Manuel Bailo Esteve and Rosa Rull Bertran 

A.Brito, A.Estevez, N. Font, M.Girbau, M.Hita, P.Jenni, A. Marin, A.Mañosa, J. Maroto, J. Pala, A. Rovira, M. Rull, J.Jimenez, Ll. A. Casanovas




140.04 collective housing
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140.01 concurso

Concurso público nacional de projetos para o Campus Cabral da UFPR

140.02 concurso

Concurso Praça dos Três Poderes

140.03 edifício educacional

Escola Marquesa de Alorna


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